COVID-19 Resources

All the material on this page is accessible to the public. A few further resources are restricted to network members only, including an annotated list of network questions and answers.

Presentations and interviews from the Africa Region Chief Economist's Office

COVID-19 CEoG Webinar 1, April 2 2020 

COVID-19 CEoG 'Africa's Pulse' Webinar, April 14 2020 

COVID-19 CEoG Webinar 3, April 29 2020 

COVID-19 CEoG Webinar 4, May 13 2020 ​

COVID-19 webinar 5, July 28 2020

COVID-19 webinar 6, September 30 2020

Interview with Professor Francesco Checchi from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, April 5 2020


Additional material

  • Africa's Pulse - Macroeconomic analysis and projections from the World Bank's Africa Region in April 2020

Understanding the COVID-19 pandemic through data

World Bank  COVID-19 Data Dashboard


IMF Policy Response Tracker

Our World in Data

Economics for Transformation —African focused data coverage of COVID-19


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