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Data and Analysis Helpdesk

The CEoG Secretariat creates comprehensive data visualisations of policy themes that are important to the network. The Secretariat also facilitates access to data tools and resources, as well as support in generating relevant and timely analysis.


Examples of these include the World Bank's  catalog of databases including macroeconomic indicators, measurements of human capital and policy evaluation measures such as the CPIA or the Ease of Doing Business Index.

The CEoG Secretariat provides dedicated support to advisors and their staff who wish to use and access this data. This support includes guidance in identifying appropriate datasets, tools for analysis, and support accesses restricted data. Please contact with any requests for data support.

CEoG Data Stories and Striking Statistics

CEoG Data Stories are an effort to provide striking statistics and data visualisations around particular policy issues. Many of them are linked to Advisor Profiles.

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