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CEoG Presidential Fellowship:
staff support to chief economic advisors

Background: To support chief economic advisors and their units with additional skills and capacity in their economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and other pressing topics, the CEoG Secretariat is offering to cover salary costs of selected CEoG Presidential Fellows. These will be consultants hired on a flexible basis for the duration of six to twelve months. CEoG Fellows are early-career African PhD economists, selected from a highly competitive talent pool. They will be expected to apply their analytical skills to policy issues under the advisors' supervision. 

Current openings

For advisors: Please contact the CEoG Program Manager, James Cust, at if you are interested in staff support. 

For interested applicants: if you would like to be considered for CEoG Fellowship future openings, click here to enter your application details and upload your CV on our talent database for African economists.

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